Lucky Buddy Petcare Commitments:

  • Responsible pet care
  • Well-being of all animals
  • Valuing client needs and privacy
  • Open communication
  • Integrity in all company and service operations
  • Meeting and surpassing expectations
  • Respecting our community and neighborhood parks

Getting Started

At Lucky Buddy Petcare, our goal is to meet your animal’s needs during the time we share, and for them to enjoy our companionship. We start with an initial free consultation; we get to know each other, and we learn your pet‘s needs and special habits. We discuss each pet’s sensitivities, personality, and medical history. We complete a Service Agreement and a Veterinary Release. We schedule pet sits tailored to your family’s situation. Future pet sits can be scheduled with a phone call, email or by accessing our secure online database. Please phone, or send an email, whenever your pet’s needs change so we can keep your profile updated.

Feeling Comfortable

Lucky Buddy Petcare offers a list of References for you to call before our Initial Consultation. We encourage you to talk with our established clients. We value their trust. We have been fully insured and bonded through the same agency since we started in 2004. There is no “license” for pet sitters. When you see a pet sitting service that is “licensed” it means they have a business license, which we do.

Open Communication

We expect full disclosure regarding pets’ sensitivities and behaviors during our consultation. The more information we have, the better we can care for your pet.

Pet Sits

Each visit follows the outline we create during our Initial Consultation. At the end of each visit, we enter notes into a visit log for you and will send you an email update. You will have a record of when we arrived and departed, highlights of the visit, comments and questions. Our database will create a history of your emailed updates and will also include pictures when they’re sent to you. You will have full access to these notes for the duration of being our client.


Consider scheduling an extended visit for multiple pets, if your pet requires extra companionship and exercise, or if you have extra home security details for us to complete. We offer 45, 60 or 90 minute visits if that’s what suits your needs beyond the standard 30 minute visit.

Ease of Scheduling

Lucky Buddy Petcare uses a completely secure online database called Pet Sitter Plus (PSP). When you’re getting set up with us as clients, please get familiar with how to log in to your profile and update your information. You can also request what visits you’d like from our database, too.
The following is the instructions you need on how to log in.
To log in just follow the link below, you will use your email as your username and password. Once you are in please change your password to something more unique. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. We can always reset your password in the future if you forget or misplace it.

Petsitter Plus (PSP)

Thank you.

Established Clients

Established clients may request that Lucky Buddy Petcare retain a key on file instead of returning the key at the conclusion of the pet sits. Having a key on file eases scheduling and facilitates last minute requests. All keys are secured in a safe and protected by a monitored 24-hour security, and a coding system ensures your key is never associated with your name and address. Reoccurring dog walking clients generally choose to keep keys on file for weekly use.


All of us at Lucky Buddy Petcare are honest, thoughtful, energetic animal lovers dedicated to pet care and committed to giving the best service. We share suggestions regarding pet care and appreciate learning from you. If you note any detail you would like completed differently, please notify us so we can complete it to your satisfaction next time.

Our goal is your pet’s comfort and security. When you return home from a long day at work or from vacation, we want you to be met with happy pets. We recognize that you love your pets and value your bonds with them and our passion is fostering harmony between pets and people.

For scheduling, please call 916-505-4375 or email

Our mailing address is:
5960 South Land Park Drive #305
Sacramento, CA 95822