• “Janet has a tremendous enthusiasm for her work, and it shows every day. She’s built a great company that’s growing, yet she maintains the same amazing level of service. She enriches the lives of so many dogs in Sacramento, and makes new friends everywhere she goes. I recommend their business to all my friends with pets.”


  • “When we hired Janet to take care of our dog we were looking for someone trustworthy & reliable that our dog also liked. We found that and more in Janet. Beyond being trustworthy & reliable, she makes recommendations about the health and care of our aging dog that has been echoed by our vet. Janet is also happy watering plants and bringing in the mail but we prefer she spends all of her time with our dog Lucky. We would recommend her to anyone who cares about the quality of interaction between sitter and dog. Finally, Lucky is much happier with Janet that she ever was at the weekend kennel. Thanks for all you do!”


  • “Janet goes above and beyond the call of duty. I never worry about my pets when I am on vacation because I am fully confident that Janet will take care of them. One of my cats is on Prozac, and Janet gives him his pill every morning. Another cat is in renal failure and he hates everybody except my husband and me. He has been known to bat people in the face and knock off their glasses, but Janet cleans up after him and gives him his daily medications as well. She is conscientious and leaves me detailed notes about what goes on when I am away. It’s clear that Janet truly loves her job and has a passion for animals, and that’s the type of person I want taking care of my three cats. If an emergency were to happen, I trust Janet and know that she has the expertise and common sense to handle anything that could come up. That’s what you want from a pet sitter. Peace of mind.”


  • “Janet is hands-down the best pet sitting service we’ve ever used. And we’ve gone through quite a few trying to find the right fit. Janet has a great background which includes working for a veterinarian which gives her some insights into animal behavior and illness/injury. Janet not only keeps the kitties happy while we’re on vacation but also does a lot of little things that define “going above and beyond” the call of duty. Brings in the mail, keeps the plants happy, takes pictures of the pets, even leaves a delicious fruit pie in the fridge from time to time. There’s no one else we would consider leaving our house and pets with. We’ll be sorely disappointed should she ever change fields.”


  • “Janet has been the only one I have trusted to care for my cats — old, high maintenance, with health issues. She was recommended to me by another person who has an elderly dog with many health issues. I would recommend Janet for any type of pet sitting and animal care. She obviously loves the animals and that’s who I want around my pets.”


  • “Janet really cared about my animals and took the time to play with them and left me personal notes from each visit about her time with them. She was also good about administering medications. Great pet sitter!”


  • “We’ve got an elderly, special needs cat who freakin’ HATES people (all except me!). Janet (and her cat-specialist employee) have been able to tend to Scully (also known as “the Scullenator”) without getting her unnecessarily upset (which always happens when you don’t follow instructions with her), and they’ve also been able to give her medicine (difficult with any cat, but with Scully, well, let’s just say it would be easier to climb Mt. Everest in surfing gear). I recommend them highly.”


  • “Just an update, about a year later and Janet is still our go-to pet sitter for watching our cat.  We’ve used her multiple times including a very extended trip to Hawaii. She is hyper-focused on customer service and we always come home to a happy, healthy kitty running around like he owns the place. Which, of course, he thinks he does. I don’t care that Janet is number one pet sitter in Sacramento on the KCRA A-List. She’s number one for our family and that’s what counts.”


  • “I had to use this service when I found I needed to go on an impromptu business trip. Naturally, it was a bit of a scramble trying to figure out who will take care of my dog and cat while away and on such short notice. After a few calls around I spoke with Janet at Go Fetch. I was quickly impressed with her flexibility, professionalism and understanding. When I returned from  the trip, I come home to happy pets, and a full report of what was done (exercise, eating etc). I highly recommend them to anyone.


  • “After a year of caring  service I again highly recommend this service. Janet is a godsend to anyone who loves their pets as much as we do- we now have two cats with medical conditions and we really would hesitate to go on vacation if it weren’t for her compassionate and expert care. I would like to add that her compassion doesn’t stop after work – she is involved in many animal organizations and is always willing to lend a hand to help individuals place rescued pets. Many thanks!


  • “When we lived in the Bay Area, a beloved member of the extended pack and one of my best friends, Aunt Becky, would move in with my dogs for the duration when we left town.  (I think she thought of it as a nice vacation from her husband, 4 cats and 5 guinea pigs.) Alas, Aunt Becky didn’t move to Sacramento with us. I’m a little nutty about my dogs.  My worst nightmare (literally) involves them wandering lost and/or something horrible happening to one or both of them and me being helpless to stop it. To make matters worse, they’re getting on in years and can be moderately high maintenance. Between my fretting and their medical needs, we don’t travel as much as we used to.  But when we do, we leave them in the care of Janet and her service. And because she is such a dog person, who takes her responsibilities uber-seriously and seems to care about my dogs as much as she cares about her own, I don’t worry about their well-being at all. And when we come back, the dogs are happy, the house is just as we left it, and there’s a nice, detailed note and a yummy treat souvenir on the counter.  In fact, the 15 year old lab has the nerve to look disappointed when we return. If you are lucky enough to have an Aunt Becky in your life, you’re probably not looking for a pet sitter. If you are reading this and want the best possible care for your pack, you should give Janet a call.”


  • “I just moved to the Sacramento area, and was looking for someone to take care of my three cats while I was gone. So I started searching on line for pet sitters. I came across several ads of individuals, but nobody was bonded and/or good reviews. Then I came across Janet’s service. She had both. So I gave her a call and we had a nice chat. Set up an appointment, date and time. So far so good. She was punctual arriving at the appointment time, neat and clean looking casually professional. We got right to business, I showed her the feeding routine and she asked all the right questions, making notes. When she left I felt very comfortable leaving my babies in her care. While I was gone I checked in once and she responded back right away and said everything was fine. When I got home I found the house to be in the same condition I left it. She had brought in the mail and news paper and had them neatly stacked. Then I saw a day by day diary documenting her visits. What a nice touch. I am extremely happy with Janet’s service and would use her again. I recommend her highly.”


  • “Janet and her team have cared for our pets for quite some time now; we don’t know what we would do without Janet. We have a dog Makazi and a cat Maddie. Janet recommended the vets to whom we take our pets and Janet’s assessment of their competency and compassion was spot on.  On two separate occasions, Janet correctly recognized potentially serious medical issues with Makazi and immediately called Makazi’s problems to our attention.  In one case, a specialist took Makazi off dog food for, maybe, two years.  When we were away on vacation, Janet did not hesitate to take over preparing Makazi’s rather involved human food meals.  Speaking of vacation, when we are on vacation Janet transports Makazi to and from the doggie day care facility Makazi attends to socialize with other dogs.  In fact, one time I was picking up Makazi from her weekly visit and Janet was at the doggie day care facility collecting another client’s dog.  When the facility operator brought Makazi out, Makazi greeted Janet first with big, wet kisses before she greeted me.  Janet has really helped us with Maddie as well  – and we needed help.  Maddie was our first cat – ever- and he was sickly.  We knew so little about cats, we did not even know how much to expect Maddie to eat each day.  We e-mailed Janet and she stopped by our house that evening with several samples of cat food and invaluable advice.  Janet guided us through the several-week process of persuading Makazi to accept a cat into the family.  Today, Maddie is healthy, happy, and runs the family.  Finally, Janet has made some excellent hiring decisions.  We have been pleased and comfortable with Janet’s employees as well.  Janet makes certain we meet and approve of her employee before we turn our precious Makazi and Maddie over to the caregiver.  We recommend Janet unconditionally.”


  • “I have never needed a pet sitter before and usually relied on my roommates (who never did a good job, but adequate enough). However, I don’t have roommates anymore, and me and my girlfriend were going on an extended trip. We thought about just asking a friend to stop by, but we didn’t want to be a burden on anyone (we have a crap load of cats after all). So we found Janet and she was great! We have 4 cats inside, and 2 cats outside and she took great care of them while we were gone. It was nice not worrying about our cats while on vacation, and not worrying about coming home to a house smelling like feces. She left us a daily log of what our cats were up to and what she did with them. That was nice. We usually go on a lot of shorter weekend trips and just leave a huge bowl out for our cats to dine on, but we will probably just ask Janet to stop by to check up on them instead. Thanks Janet!”


  • “Janet is amazing as well as her staff!  We have been working with them for almost 6 years now. We usually have Janet stop by our house over weekends 2-3 times per year to take care of our 2 dogs and cat. Even though we don’t use her all that often, she always remembers our pets’ names as well as their temperaments (some are hard to forget, I know).  She takes great care of our furry friends while we’re out.  She’ll even post adorable pictures on Facebook of our pets while we’re out.  She is trustworthy and always pays close attention to detail. Upon our return, Janet has always left detailed descriptions of her visit and how our pets were doing at the time.  She’ll even leave little treats behind for everyone to enjoy after we are home. There is a reason she is #1 on the KCRA Sacramento A-List.  We are so lucky to have found Janet!”


  • “As a marketing professional and animal lover, I can tell you that Janet and her team do a phenomenal job at caring for a variety of animals and delivering great customer service to their clients.”


  • “We have had several great pet-sitting experiences with this service over the past year. Our two dogs are SPCA rescues and we were reluctant to take them somewhere they would spend their time in an unfamiliar place versus staying in our own home. We’re so happy to have found Janet. Janet and Lorella have been wonderful, providing loving, attentive care each and every time we are gone. During a recent trip, Janet called us to say one of our dogs had been vomiting. We appreciated the concern and professionalism she showed in keeping us informed. We feel secure with leaving our dogs and our home in their care and highly recommend them!”


  • “Fabulous! We live in West Sacramento. They cared for our 4 cats for the 3 weeks that we were out of town. One of the cats had a chronic condition requiring daily medication. When we returned the cats were clean, unstressed, and even well-brushed. Daily written reports were left for us to review. It was entertaining to read these and see how the cats personalities came out even to their pet sitter. It was also clear that the person caring for the cats really did care for them. We will definitely use them in the future.”


  • “I just recently moved to West Sacramento for training for a job and needed to take a very last minute trip to Florida. I’ve never boarded my dog before and being in a place where I didn’t know anyone I almost had to cancel my trip due to my dog not having the Bordatella vaccine in order to board him anywhere that could accept him last minute. I booked a flight on a Monday morning and was expecting to leave very early Tuesday.  I searched Yelp for any available dog sitters and Janet clearly had the best reviews. I was fortunate enough to give her a call on Monday afternoon and she immediately said she would be able to come over to my hotel for an initial consultation!  She said she would be able to stop by the hotel twice a day for the next three days and send me text messages upon each visit.  She did not disappoint me at all, she far exceeded my expectations and then some. Upon arriving back to West Sacramento I saw she had left me a photo that she took of my dog playing in the grass and left some treats for him as a parting gift. She’s as good as they get!  And of course reasonably priced to for someone to drive to your place and take your pets out.”


  • “As good a pet sitter as you could ever hope to find. Janet is always speedy and responsive, and her attention to their clients is amazing. Janet even helped me find my lost cat by locating a humane trap and offering helpful tips. They are attentive and we have had them watch our two cats from weeks at a time to just two nights, and were able to rest easy knowing our guys were safe and cared for. We are glad to have found her … you couldn’t find a better service.


  • “I have used this service for years and have never experienced better customer care or attention to detail that I have been afforded by this service. We have three dogs and each has its own individual needs while we are away.  Janet and her staff have always come through with flying colors, leaving us detailed paperwork on how their visits went and often going way beyond what is in the contract to make sure our pets are well cared for and above all SAFE! I would recommend Janet without reservation to anyone, on a scale of 1 to 10, ten being the highest, Janet leads all in the 10 range!!”


  • “Janet and her team recently SAVED us. I was in San Francisco at a conference, where my husband joined me for the night. After he took the train back the next morning and arrived at our house to walk our dog, he realized I had the house key.  I desperately called Janet, and she was able to get to our house and walk our dog within an hour!  She’s amazing. I have always appreciated the high-quality service she provides for our dog and cat when we are away, but I’m now more grateful after they were able to help us in an emergency situation.”


  • “We have used Janet Smith service for several years. (We loved the fact she interviewed us and our dog while we interviewed her.) Lucky and Janet get along like old friends and we know that Lucky gets as much love and affection from her as she does from us. We trust her with our dog and our home. Our dog Lucky is now 14; Janet’s background as a vet assistant gives us additional comfort that we are leaving a needy “child” with a trusted pro.”


  • “I have been a customer for about 5 years, and during that time whenever I have been away I have entrusted three cats and my home to Janet Smith and her employees without hesitation and with complete confidence.  Janet has always demonstrated extensive knowledge about my pets, consistently shown a very caring attitude, and performed her duties in a responsible and trustworthy manner. I highly recommend its owner and operator, Janet Smith.”


  • “We have used Janet and her staff many times. She is very professional and easy to work with. When she came to meet our dogs the first time you could tell right away she loved animals. We have two JRT’s and it’s so nice to have them come to our house and look after them when we go on vacation. She even sends us text messages to let us know how Sasha and Dupree are doing. This helps us not worry about the pups when we are gone. We will definitely continue to use this service.”


  • “I used this service to watch my 2 dogs in-home while away for a week. Janet did a wonderful job and even got my difficult dog to chatter and smile.  I could tell they were happy with her services because she took a picture of them and sent it to me.  Now THAT is service. My difficult dog is on multiple medications that need to be given morning and night. I would use her again and have referred them to many friends and people at work who have all been happy and impressed with their service.”


  • “We have used this pet sitting business for many years. I have found them to be extremely reliable and very caring of our many animals. I recommend them without reservation. They are simply the best!!”


  • “I have been using this service for over 3 years and have had the best service. When I need to be out of town I have peace of mind knowing that my cats and house are well taken care of. Janet and Dianne are great with animals and I can tell they love their job.  I look forward to returning not only to my furry children but to read the journal left by Janet and Dianne to find out what my kids were doing while I was away.  The job they do is thorough, professional and with care. I highly recommend them for pet sitting and for taking care of minor things around the house such as watering and bringing in the mail.”


  • “Janet and her team have been the pet sitters for my two cats for the last several years and I have always been completely satisfied.  I know that when I am away my pets are in great hands.  Janet is a true animal lover and I have confidence that if one of my cats became ill while I was gone she would step in and get help until she could contact me.  I never worry about my animals when I’m away anymore.”


  • “LOVE them!  There really isn’t anyone I would trust more with my pets.  The sitters love my animals when I am away and that allows me to enjoy my time and not worry about my family that I had to leave behind. Absolutely the best personal pet service available!!”


  • “I cannot go on enough about Janet and her devoted staff. Countless times she & her team have helped in our life: when our daughter was born; when our dog was ill; coordination with family/vacations when plans abruptly change. They are marvelous. This is not a job for these people, it is a calling. Knowledgeable, caring, enthusiastic, and bonded….what else could you ask for? Truly gifted and kind people.”


  • “I am very grateful to have connected with Janet as she has provided me with such peace of mind when traveling knowing that my pets are well-cared for!!  When I went on a recent vacation out of the country, I was also having some work done on my house.  Janet decided that the contractors were disrupting my dog’s daily routine too much and so she took the extra step of taking my dog with her throughout the day. Very thoughtful and I came home to a happy dog, which to me, is invaluable! She always leaves us great detailed notes about what was happening while we were gone and is thoughtful enough to bring in the mail and keep an eye on things generally to make sure everything’s a-ok.  I have recommended her to many of my friends and colleagues, even though I worry that she might become too busy for us!”


  • “My husband and I (especially me!) are very particular in regards to whom we trust with the care of our 2 labs and our cat. From the moment we met Janet, we were both very impressed. Our pets have very unique schedules and eating patterns and Janet has been more than happy to accommodate them all. I love to read Janet’s daily reports on how our guys did and the pictures she takes of them are priceless. Janet has no problem getting the paper, mail and has even washed our windows that were covered in dog slob. What a gal! We would definitely recommend Janet to others and trust that she cares for our furry babies as if they were her own.”


  • “I have used Janet’s services for about two years now for my rare Kerry Blue Terrier, Murphy. All I have experienced has been outstanding service and care. Murphy is much happier staying at his own home, and he looks relaxed and healthy when I return. I think he gets more walks when I am gone than when I am home! I recommend them to anyone with a dog that they love.”


  • “Janet has been taking care of Buddy and Edith for many years, and I cannot imagine leaving town without leaving Janet in charge.  Once while out of town, the dogs managed to get loose in the middle of the night and Janet got up, went over, fixed the hole and made sure all was safe and secure.   My dogs love her.  She successfully manages my pup’s special medication – going so far as to call the vet when the written instructions I left here were not clear. I recommend them to anyone who ever asks about pet care services.”


  • “We have used Janet’s services several times over the past several years. 2 visits per day. VERY happy with the service. Our dogs love her.  On 1 trip out of town, Janet checked on the status of our elderly mothers staying at our house.”


  • “This service sets a new standard for care of our pets.  Janet does what she does with so much passion, joy, and artistry; she takes pet sitting to an entirely new level.  She will take care of your dog, kitty, house, and you so well you will wonder how you got along without her before. She will go to any length necessary to give your dog and cat exactly what they need, be it long frisbee sessions at the park, sitting on the floor rubbing bellies, a trip to the vet should an emergency arise. You could not find a better group to take care of your loved ones. I trust Janet and her crew absolutely.”


  • “I happened upon this service several months ago when I had to go out of town on business and was seeking an alternative to the dog hotel scene … my dogs were starting to get the same hotel fatigue I feel when away from home! Bottom line is that Janet and her team were immediately available to meet with me to accommodate my work schedule. Janet brought over the staff person with her that she expected to have as the primary sitter for my two labs. I loved both of their attention to me, my needs … but more importantly the immediate bond they both showed to the dogs! On my last trip out of town – finally a vacation! – Janet surprised me twice … with a mobile email to me to send me a photo of the dogs and then I arrived home to find a gorgeous photo of each dog tacked to the fridge…and the standard run down on how the dogs were, what they did on each visit … I could not be more pleased … and I am picky with a capital “P” Janet and her team feel like trusted family now.”


  • “Janet is amazing – my kitty has some special needs, including being very shy, and needing pills. Janet has a calming way with my cat, administers the pills without a hitch, grooms her and feeds her treats.  I know I’ll always come home to a happy pet and a detailed report.  I love her!”


  • “I like this service and care! Janet has provided pet sitting services for several of my rescue dogs. When I come home, the dogs are happy and content. I appreciate the good work performed by her staff. It’s lifesaving, because I often own rescue dogs that are senior in age, on medications, and recovery from the stress of living on the streets. The fact that they are calm and happy when I return home is amazing to me, as I know the dogs well and the issues they deal with as rescue dogs. In recent years, I have sometimes called Janet on very short notice to watch the dogs, so I can fly back East to help my Mom, who has had several health issues. I very much appreciate the prompt response to help me on short notice during family medical emergencies.”


  • “Before moving to Curtis Park we used a relative or neighbor to watch our cats when we were gone. Shortly after moving in, we noticed someone showing up each day at our next door neighbors who were away on vacation at the time. We noticed the woman walk the dog, and then spend some time in the house before leaving. When our neighbors returned they explained the daily visitor was Janet. They told us how good she was with “Buddy” and gave us her phone number. Shortly afterward, we were planning a two-week vacation and were concerned about leaving our cats in the care of neighbors or with a relative. We called Janet, she came over and showed us her bonding, her resume, and gave us a list of clients, inviting us to call any of them for references. In the end, we chose to use Janet that time, and we’ve used her team several times since. We have never been disappointed with the quality of the care she and her employees give to our cats. We’ve watched her and her employees with our cats and they obviously care a great deal more about them than one would expect from someone employed for pet sitting services. She has administered medications to our cats, cared for an elderly cat in failing health, and always checked in with us by email or phone during our absence. We know we’re getting a lot more than just someone feeding the cats — they spend time with them each day, providing a diary of observances and activities. We trust Janet and her company with our cats and with our home, and highly recommend them to any responsible pet owner looking for someone who goes beyond just “pet sitting.”


  • “I have been working in the service community since 1974. Giving and getting good service is important to me. Over the years I have had good service and bad service. Sometimes, it’s my error and sometimes it’s not. I always give a fair shake on every business that I frequently use. I have used Janet since 2004 in the fall. My beloved father who usually “baby-sits” all the grand-dogs of the family had passed away in the spring. Now, I needed someone to watch my “four-legged kids.” Everything had been going well with using Janet. No problems… until Spring 2009. I made an error in judgment. I was on vacation. I had my brother be the first contact person. I was in an area that cell phones could not always make a connection. My little Cosmo was at the vet for his “safety.” Since I was so far away I had numerous messages on my cell phone. I finally got ahold of my brother who explained every thing and got ahold of Janet. The stress included taking my mom (who has memory loss and health issues) with me and getting everything ready. I had put Cosmo in a situation that was not healthy for him. My other dog was just a young pup (90 lbs) who outweighs Cosmo (15 lbs). This puppy was too rough with Cosmo. So I did something I should NOT have done. Janet called me on it. Janet was wonderful. She was taking care of Cosmo like I should have done but I had NO time, NO brains and was too stressed out taking care of my mom to do the right thing at the time I left home. I was at first shocked and upset. Janet made me realize sometimes I can’t do it all. It was not something I would regularly do. Cosmo was safe and that was all that was important. My other pup was safe, also. Janet, bless her heart, was so gentle with me. She didn’t read me the “riot act” or make me feel bad or terrible. She just made me realize that I made a serious mistake in judgment. For the rest of the vacation she gave me almost daily text messages since that was the only thing that could get to my cell phone. Since that time, I always email Janet to set up the times she needs to take care of the “kids and my garden.” She always follows my directions and requests. Janet always lets me know if she can or can’t do something. So we always have good communication. She isn’t my friend, but she is a friend with my “kids.” My kids LOVE HER. They are so happy to see her. I have no worries about having Janet taking care of my Kids. BTW….the Kids do get along now. NO, I will never do what I did again. Janet made it all better. Thank you!”—Liz
  • “I won an SPCA raffle for pet sitting by Janet and team many years ago.  I was very impressed by Janet’s thoroughness in learning about my pets and what I wanted. I haven’t used anyone else for pet sitting since. Janet’s background at a vet clinic means I don’t have to worry when one of my cats needs medication and that she keeps an eye on their health.  The cats get plenty of petting and play time when she visits which helps keep them happy. I really appreciate Janet’s cat care service and dedication to caring for our animal companions. I’d highly recommend Janet and her team.”


  • “This company is the best choice if you want quality pet sitting service.   They have been our choice for over 4 years. We have two cats one of which is diabetic and requires special attention. We have complete confidence that our pets are well cared for by Janet and her staff.  An example of the extraordinary care they provides is we received periodic updates on a recent vacation regarding one of our cats that was having difficulty eating. Janet proactively, upon our approval, shopped for other food options that may encourage the cat to eat better. The care just does not get better than this.”


  • “I have retire racing greyhounds.  I don’t entrust them to just anyone but when injuries prevented both my husband and me from walking them a few years ago, we started looking for help. Our dog trainer highly recommended Janet Smith.  We immediately liked Janet when we met her and the dogs did too.  She kept our dogs walked until we were able to get back on our feet.  The dogs were always excited to see Janet arrive and watched forlornly when she left. I never had any concerns about the dogs in her care and have recommended her to several of my friends. In greyhound talk, Janet is great!”


  • “This service has done well for us.  Janet has seen after two of our dogs at separate times, one of them geriatric.  She took great care of them and I would trust them again.”


  • “This service is the best.  Professional, dependable and my animals love Janet and her Team.  Great communication, both verbal and written…I know when I leave town my pets are “on vacation” too.”


  • “Best pet sitter we have ever used.  Janet has always been punctual, generous with her time, great with all animals, and we highly recommend her pet sitting services.”


  • “We have used Janet and her crew for years for our kittens. We sometimes go out of the country for several weeks and, the first time, were pretty concerned about leaving our critters in the care of someone else. She set up a pre-trip visit to get to know the kids and get their likes, needs, etc, along with a checklist of anything else that would need doing while we were gone. We came back to happy, healthy monsters and an assortment of new cat-toys scattered about, along with still-alive plants. She was very reasonably priced, very professional, and obviously cares a great deal about the beings left in her care. Our four-legged rulers give Janet their highest ratings.”